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Title: Far Away

Rating: MA/NC-17

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort

Warnings: Talk of abuse. Mind fuckery…um games, yeah, I meant games. Talk of self-harm. Sexual Situations

Words: 100K+

Summary: What happens when it's over and the last words spoken to you, you know to be a lie. Can you find common ground again, or is there too much pain in the history to allow for it. Rated "M" for later chapters, some OOC happens in later chapters

Disclaimer: Let's see, I own my nice shiny red car, this laptop and the thoughts in my mind. Just a second let me check, nope don't own it the brilliant JKR does I just borrowed her toys for a few moments and swear that I will return them in the same shape I found them... well most of the time.

A/N: This started as a one shot, I think it might have gotten a tad out of hand. But, I truly love where the story took me and hope you do too. A huge thank you to my betas Sephaine & Shannon. The photos for the book cover are screen caps from Deathly Hallows Part 1 & Life on Mars (UK)

Chapter 1 ~ I Never Loved You!
Chapter 2 ~ Leaving
Chapter 3 ~ A Year Later
Chapter 4 ~ The Journal
Chapter 5 ~ More Journal Reading
Chapter 6 ~ Hermione's Year
Chapter 7 ~ Two Year's Later
Chapter 8 ~ Year Two Severus
Chapter 9 ~ Three Years Later