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This idea came about on sshg_newbies that since there quite a few of us that are new to the ssgh_exchange to post what we like and don't like to read and the art we like and don't about Severus/Hermione.

What I like and don’t like to read in Severus/Hermione fanfic and art…..

I like a strong Hermione, one who will stand up to Severus and not be a doormat for him to walk all over.

I like a Severus that shows his softer side, even if it's only to Hermione and his family. I don’t like when he starts out a bastard and stays that way it's not believable that Hermione would fall in love with someone like that. I'm not saying he should be all hearts and flowers and I love yous. One of the best stories I ever read was semantics by coffeonthepatio, in the end he never told her that he loved her but that she was his world. I thought this was more romantic than the dreaded 'I love you.'

I don’t like the 'Oopps, Hermione ended up pregnant.' These are two intelligent people who unless totally wasted would remember birth control. And even if they are wasted and it's a one off, or is suppose to be. I still cannot believe that one or both would not be taking precautions for themselves.

I don’t care for fic with kids either and I mean small children up to eleven or so, this could be from the stories I've read stories that has kids in them but it always seems to me that the three year old with the presence of mind and thoughts and vocabulary of an older teen to an adult doesn’t work that well no matter how smart they say the child is at the time.

I don’t like threesomes, Lucius Malfoy is fine in the story but not in the bedroom. As the George Michel song says, sex is best one on one. That is not to say that voyeurism is a bad thing, but I like to have it limited to one watching the other masturbate.

I don’t care for far out kinks or BDSM, mildness of either is a good thing (*ahum* foot fetish). And example would be 'For The Potions Master Amusement' I have read it and it's a good story, I'm just not totally enamored with it. Now if it was the other way around and Hermione was the dominate and Severus the submissive it might rank up in the top ten of stories I love.

I'm not bothered by non-con or dub-con as long as there is a reason for it.

I'm not bothered by torture either.

Ron bashing should be a sport, yeah doesn't bother me in the least.

And if you haven’t guessed by now, sex and mature content does not bother me in the least.


I love graphics and Alan and Emma's portrayal of the charters doesn’t bother me when it comes to graphics. Though when I read I do tend to see Alan in my mind from Robin Hood. But it's all good.

When it comes to drawings and such I tend to like more of the representation of the actors who played the charters than some that I've seen that I tend to call cartoons.

I do like to see everyone's own style rather than that of someone else's. (Does that make sense? I hope so)